New Design Roof

Here at The Conservatory Centre we have had the opportunity to show off a brand new roof design from Ultraframe.


The Ultraframe LivinRoof is designed to give the appearance of an orangery while still conforming to normal conservatory regulations, and at a much lower cost.


You will see in the gallery below, the beauty of the LivinRoof and how it feels and looks like an extension. And with our new smart glass Ultra 86 with a U-Value 1.0 (the lower the U-Value the less heat loss during winter), a G-Value of 17% (which means that 83% of the suns heat is reflected), light transmission of 25% (this is how much of light transmittance is able to pass through the glass thus reducing glare by 75%), and with true self clean coating on the outside.


Because of these advances in glass technology it really is an all year round room and no longer restricted to autumn and spring. Now you can enjoy your new conservatory in comfort, even during the sunny days of summer.


Feel free to pop in and take a look at our new show building on site now.